Embry-Riddle Day Camp COVID Regulations and Policy

All students participating in an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Summer Academy program agree to read and abide by all the University and the K-12 Education Outreach Department policies implemented due to the pandemic. All staff and faculty working with the students are fully vaccinated. All students are required to adhere to the following protocols at all times while on campus. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University K-12 Education Outreach has the right to terminate any student’s participation in their program if the student does not comply with these policies. The following COVID-19 protocols must be followed at all times:

  • Every student MUST submit a negative COVID viral test two to three days prior to the start of the camp. If you are attending back to back camps, the one test submitted is sufficient. If you are attending multiple camps, but there is a break of one or more weeks between your camp start dates you must submit a new negative COVID test two to three days prior to the start of each camp. The type of viral test accepted MUST be a PCR or Antigen test. Please email your test results to: summer@erau.edu.
  • Everyone is required to wear a face covering, both indoors and outdoors, whenever on campus.
  • Face coverings must be worn properly, over your nose and mouth. Do not wear your face covering under your nose and/or chin. Do not pull the face covering down in order to speak.
  • Everyone must have a daily wellness/temperature check as part of the check-in process each day. Students that do not register with a high fever will be issued a “color of the day” wristband for admittance into the camp.
  • Students will not be admitted into camp until they have had a wellness check. YOU must stay with your child until student has passed the wellness check. You are not able to let students run into building to check in on their own. Adult must accompany the student checking in.
  • All students will be provided an envelope at the start of camp with their name badge and hand sanitizer in it. Students must display their name badge at all times while on campus and use the hand sanitizer regularly. If you run out, there are refueling stations on campus to refill the bottles. Students must place their own hand sanitizer and name badge in the envelope before checking out each day. They will get to bring everything home with them on last day of camp.
  • Counselors will authorize breaks for students to wash hands regularly before consuming any snacks or lunch.
  • The counselors and professors will authorize break times for taking off the mask. These situations will be during lunch and snack times.
  • The students will be participating in collaborative learning and working in groups from time to time. They will be required to be in masks at all times and sanitizing regularly.
  • All desks and/or tables will be sanitized at the start of class.
  • Please do not come to campus if you are feeling sick.

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