Helicopter Exploration

Helicopter Exploration

Registration is closed for Summer 2019. Registrations for Summer 2020 will open December 3, 2019.

Join us for one week of pre-college, academic classes! This academic program is for students who are serious about learning all aspects of helicopter flight.

The flight instructors are some of the best in the aviation industry and will give students firsthand training on pre-flight, helicopter care, ground school, ATC airspace, aviation weather, safety science, and careers in helicopter.

Throughout three hours of flight training, students will take control and experience the adrenaline rush of breaking contact with the ground to soar over the northern Arizona landscape.* The open cockpit feeling of the Robinson R22 helicopter provides the pilots with an amazing, connected feeling with the skies above. During their time at ERAU students pilots will be able to control a helicopter in flight, but more importantly, will be exposed to the way of life for true aviation professionals under the leadership of the best. 

Students are required to wear closed toed shoes and long pants during their flight times. Due to the fact that students and instructors will be flying in a training helicopter, there is a weight limit restriction of 210 pounds for each participant.

*Flight hours and locations are not guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather. In the event of a cancelled flight, we will do our best to modify remaining flights and adjust the schedule to accommodate previously scheduled flight time.

* The University follows TSA regulations. International students will be able to participate in flying our aircrafts, but will not be able to log their hours. 

For: High School Students ages 15-18 who are interested in flight and helicopters

Program Fee: $2,500

Program Dates: July 5-10, 2020

Location: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott, 3700 Willow Creek Road, Prescott, AZ 86301 and Universal Helicopters in Prescott, Arizona

Registration Process

Complete our Registration form and deposit by clicking "Register Today" at the top of this page.

Personal Statement: Each participant is required to submit a personal statement of 150-250 words answering the following question: "Please tell us what attending this program would mean to you." Then submit to the Summer Programs Office with your Registration Packet.

Teacher Recommendation: Please print the Teacher Recommendation form and have completed by a teacher, then submit to the Summer Programs Office with your Registration Packet. This form must be returned for your registration to be complete.

Registration Packet: A link will be sent to you after the registration has been completed to download, complete and return to our office.

Parents, Guardians, and Families are invited and encouraged to participate in the Completion Luncheon/Dinner. The Completion Luncheon/Dinner for the Summer Programs participants is included in the cost of tuition; please do not include the student in your count.

The fee for our luncheon guests is $17 per person. If you have any questions, please contact out office at (928)777-3956.
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Please visit parent resources for a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

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Contact Information

Prescott, AZ
Phone: 928-777-3956
Email: prsummer@erau.edu

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